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Nigerian Journal of Technological Research (NJTR)

Special Editions

The abstracts to the following articles are free to download.

Volume 12, Special Technical Issue - 2017

Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capacitation through Patent and Technology Transfer.
Sunny Iyuke
Download Abstract.

Knowledge Management and its Essence in Academic Publishing Environment.
Nicholas Aitalegbe.
Download Abstract.
Essential People Management Skills Necessary in Today‘s Workplace.
Paul Clark.
Download Abstract.

Manuscript Style and Packaging.
Ahmed Doko Ibrahim.
Download Abstract.
The significance of Anti-Plagiarism in Modern day Authorship.
Adenike Osofisan
Download Abstract.
Problems of academic manuscript publishing in developing countries.
Kenneth U. Nnadi
Download Abstract.
Using Referencing Software: Mendeley
Morenikeji, O. O.
Download Abstract.

Volume 10, Special Edition: 2015

Information Communication Technologies and Agriculture in the 21st century for development strategy in the Nigerian economy
Izonebi R. Obubo. Download Abstract

The reno-protective effects of dietary caloric restriction against oxidative damage and inflammation in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Cynthia L. Figgers, Thomas C. White and Ngozi H. Ugochukwu. Download Abstract

Viability of Intranets for Sustainable Architectural Education in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Federal University of Technology, Akure. 
Olu Ola Ogunsote, Omotola Anna Ude, Bogda Prucnal-Ogunsote and Olawale Oreoluwa Olusoga. Download Abstract

Germination and seedling vigour of hydroprimed stored seeds of African eggplant (Solanum macrocarpon L.) produced under different nitrogen fertilizer rates.
Adediran O.A. , Tolorunse K. D. , Chancha S.C., Ibrahim H. and J. A. Oladiran. Download Abstract
Differential growth patterns of artificially spawned pre-juvenile Heterobronchus longilis VALENCIENNES, 1840 F1.
Suleiman, B. and S. A. Abdullahi. Download Abstract

Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature on Cadmium and Lead Concentration Distribution of Some Selected Tobacco Cigarettes in Nigeria.
Mohammad, Y. S., Usman, H. N., Abdulrahman, A., Mohammed, A.T. and M. A. Onu. Download Abstract

Optimisation of Dilute Sulphuric Acid Hydrolysis of Waste Newspaper for High Yields of Fermentable Sugars.
Amenaghawon N. A., Ogbeide, S. E. and C. O. Okieimen. Download Abstract

Split tensile strength of soilcreteblocks.
Chinenye E. Okere, David O. Onwuka and Nkemakolam N. Osadebe. Download Abstract
Assessment of environmental effect of landuse conversion in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria.
Maria Galadima, Bashirat Abdulazeez and Habib Abdullahi. Download Abstract
In vivo Antitrypanosomal Effect of Boswelia dalzielli Stem bark Extract in T.b. brucei – infected mice.
Garba, M. H., Kabir, A.Y., Ajayi, J., Ega, O., Lekene, B.J. and M. Inuwa. Download Abstract

Two dimensional modeling of subsurface structures over upper Benue trough and Borno basin of Northeast Nigeria.
Salako, K. A. and E. E. Udensi. Download Abstract

An Object-Oriented Program for Critical Path Analysis of Project Networks.
Oladeinde M.H and C. A. Oladeinde. Download Abstract

Isolation and characterization of two water-soluble phytoconstituents from the leaf extract of Cajanus cajan (Pigeon pea).
Fadipe, A. L., Adebayo, S. S and I. Israel. Download Abstract
Antibacterial activity of eight medicinal plants against Diarrhoea pathogens.
Saidu T.B., Galadima M., Abalaka M.E and A. A. Jigam. Download Abstract

Melon husk-based activated carbon for treatment of industrial wastewater.
Akpan, U.G., Chubu, J.M. and M. A. Olutoye. Download Abstract


Volume 8, Special Edition: December 2013

Challenges in Energy Supply and Infrastructural Development in Developing Countries: Case Study of Nigeria

Idris Bugaje. Download Abstract

Alternative Production of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters from Triglycerides Using Sulphated Zirconia

Elizabeth J. Eterigho, Jon G. M. Leeb and Adam P. Harvey. Download Abstract

Performance Evaluation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell by Computer Simulation Abdulkareem, A.S., Jimoh, A., Afolabi A.S., Muzenda E. and J. J. Okanwanyi. Download Abstract

Development of ZSM-5 Zeolite from Dealuminated Nigerian Ahoko Kaolin

Kovo A.S. and Holmes S.M. Download Abstract

Forensic Investigation of Premature Failure of a Roadway Pavement in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

Amadi A.A., Alhaji M.M. and A.B. Sule. Download Abstract

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Local Building Materials used for Building Construction in Maikunkele Local Government Area of Niger State

Kareem W.B., Owodunni A.S., Sanni T.A. and A. Suleiman. Download Abstract

The Effect of Green Inhibitor on Strength and Water Permeability of Concrete

Abdulrahman A.S. Download Abstract

Comparative Study of Biogas from Cattle Dung and Mixture of Cattle Dung with Plantain Peels.

Yaru S.S., Adewole K.A. and I.K. Adegun. Download Abstract

Experimental Investigation on Load Capacity and Wear Rate of Principal Metal Alloys Used for Bearing Manufacture

Bako D.M., H.B. Abdulkadir and A. Babawuya. Download Abstract


Volume 7, Special Edition: March 2012

Soils Food Security

Nortcliff,  Stephen. Download Abstract

Roles of Soil Biological Interactions in Enhancing Food Security.

Bruns, Mary Ann. Download Abstract

Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils under Contrasting Land Use Systems in Derived Savannah Agro-Ecological Zone of South-Eastern Nigeria.  Jidere, C. M. and Ene, J. E. Download Abstract

Properties, Classification and Agricultural Potentials of the Soils of Lower Oshin River Floodplains in Kwara State, Nigeria. Lawal, B. A., A. G. Ojanuga, S. S. Noma, A. Singh, M. K. A. Adeboye and A. J. Odofin. Download Abstract

Effects of Cacao-Pod Compost with and without Starter N and P on the Growth and Yield of Soybean in an Ultisol. 

Atere, C. T. and Olayinka, A. Download Abstract

Assessing the Efficiency of the Land Type Mapping Unit in Agricultural Land Use Planning in a Low Lying Topography Of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Udoh,  and A. O. Ogunkunle. Download Abstract

Advances in Integrated Nutrient Managament for Crop Production in Nigeria.

Ojeniyi. S.O. Download Abstract

Assessment of Contamination Sources of Trace Metals in Wastewater Irrigated Vegetable Garden Soils of Kano, Northern Nigeria. Nafiu Abdu, Ishola S. Salawu, John O. Agbenin and Andreas Buerkert. Download Abstract

Comparison of Attenuation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Surface and Subsurface Soils Amended with Biostimulants. Anyika, C. Chinedum, Liz, J. Shaw, Chris, D. Collins. Download Abstract

Impact of Soil Depth on the Dissipation of Chlorobenzenes  

Ekemah, C. E., E. J. Shaw and C. D. Collins. Download Abstract

Effect of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (Pome) On an Arenic Kandiustult in South Eastern Nigeria.

Umeugochukwu, Patience O. and Peter I. Ezeaku. Download Abstract

Volume 5, Special Edition: December 2010

Parameterized String Matching Algorithms with Application to Molecular Biology.

Rajesh Prasad, Suneeta Agarwal and Sanjay Misra. Download Abstract

A Basic Help on Category Theory for IT Researchers.

O. Tolga Pusatli. Download Abstract

Assessment of Farmers Awareness and Practice of Health Safety Measures in the use of Agrochemicals in Niger State, Nigeria.
Olaleye, R.S., Onuh, E., Ojo, M.A. and Ndanitsa, M.A. Download Abstract

Effect of exogenous application of salicylic acid on proline metabolism in salt stressed Chamomile recutita
Neelam Misra, Rahul Misra, Om Pal Singh. Download Abstract

Frequency and Effect of Spur Gene on Metric Parameters in the Nigerian Local Chicken in Niger State
A.T. Ijaiya., S.S.A. Egena, K. Rotimi. Download Abstract

An Appraisal of Duct Related Microwave Link Degradation in Nigeria.
O. D. Oyedum. Download Abstract

Microbiological Studies of Abattoir wastes in Ipata Market, Ilorin, Kwara State
Okolo, M.O., Olayemi, A.B. and Stephen, E. Download Abstract

Development of Simple Fixed Linear Predictors for Use in Speech Compression

Kio O. G. and Emagbetere J. O. Download Abstract



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