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Volume 14, Number 2 - 2019

Flexural behaviour of reinforced iron ore tailings concrete (IOTC) beams.
Sikiru Folahan Oritola.  
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Enhancing Nigeria’s Power Grid Performance through a Hybrid Transmission Network
Omowumi G. Olasunkanmi, Michael R. Adu and Waliu O. Apena  
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Distribution of soil erosion sensitive area in Guna-Tana watershed, Blue Nile, Basin Ethiopia.
Asirat Teshome Tolosa, Afera Halefom Teka and Biruk Shewayirga Belay  
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Uncertainty analysis for the measurement of oil-water flow parameters, Part I: Flow rate and water holdup
Abubakar A.  
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Numerical investigation of the effect of tyre inflation pressure on fuel consumption in automobiles
Ighodaro, O. O. and M Osikhuemhe
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Assessment of the Health risk of Domestic Waste Water in Minna, Niger State
Galadima, Maria, Abdulazeez, Bashirat, and Habib Abdullah
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Evaluation of aquatic macro-invertebrate populations: a model for emergent bio-monitoring guide for quantifying uncleanness of some Rivers in Northern Central Nigeria
Olomukoro J. O. and O.A, Anani  
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Seroprevalence of WEST NILE Virus antibodies in dogs in Kaduna and Zaria metropolises, Kaduna State, Nigeria.
Fasanya Oluyinka O. A., Kabir, J. and A. J. Natala
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Mathematical Analysis of Discontinuities in the Flow Field of Gas in a Cylindrical Pipe Using Diffusion MRI.
Yusuf , S. I., Aiyesimi Y. M., Jiya, M. and O. M. Dada  
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Evaluation of the erosive potential of selected non-carbonated powdered sachet fruit drinks on the human enamel.
Bisiriyu, M. T., Koleola, A. A., Salau, R. B. and D.U. James
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Assessment of Shielding Potentials and Radiological Safety Indices of Nigerian Granite Rocks

Olarinoye, I.O, Siraju K.O. and A. A. Alabi  
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Modelling of Orthogonal Cutting of Stainless Steel Using Carbide Tool.
Morakinyo Kehinde Onifade  
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Entrepreneurial culture and growth of knowledge intensive business services in Minna, Niger State Nigeria
Adeyeye, M. M, Udogwu, C. V. Bello, E.I and E. S. Araga
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Volume 14, Number 1 - 2019

Effects of moisture content and grain variety on frictional properties and specific heat capacity of ACHA (Fonio) Grains.
Kawuyo, U. A., Aviara, N.A. and D. C. Okolo
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Movement of Taylor bubble in various fluids through vertical and inclined tube
Robin Gooljar, Narad Ramcharan, Darryan Dhanpat and Dhurjati Prasad Chakrabarti
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Examine the Correlation between Physico-Mechanical properties of Selected Granite rocks in Ondo State, Nigeria.
Afeni, T. B., Osemenam, R.A., Lawal, A. I. and M. A. Usman
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Combined Fuzzy-logic and Neural Network Classifiers for Uterine Fibroid in vulnerable women
Odigie, E. B., P. U. Achukwu, M. E. Bello3 and C. V. Abude  
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Bacteriological quality of household stored drinking water in two slums in Minna, North Central Nigeria.
Ijah, U. J. J., K. Obukohwo and S. O. Ekpo
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On Weibull-Burr XII Distribution: Properties and Applications
Abubakar Yahaya and Mohammed Sa’ad  
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Bayesian Approach of Estimating Shape Parameter of Log Logistic Distribution
Abubakar Yahaya and Isa Abubakar Ibrahim
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Substance Use Disorder Prevalence Using Tripartite Randomized Response Technique
Ewemooje Olusegun S., Adebola Femi B. and A. Awogbemila Temitope
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Assessment of Land use, Land cover change Dynamics using GIS AND REMOTE SENSING of Soro district, Hadya Zone, Southern Ethiopia
Meseret Demeke, Sintayehu Legesse Gebre and Dessalegn Obsi Gemeda  Download Abstract.

Road Transportation in Sustainable Rural Development of Akutupa-Kiri, Kogi State Nigeria
Olorunfemi Samuel Oluwaseyi and Kingdom Bello
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Disparities in access to Improved and Unimproved Sources of Drinking water and Toilet facilities in Nigeria: A Socio-economic Dichotomy.
Adebola, O. G. 
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Impact of federal government revenue on capital expenditure of selected public works in Nigeria (1999 - 2014).
John Ebhohimen Idiake, Usman Muhammad Danjuma, Saidu Ibrahim and Anthony Ikechukwu Anunobi
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Volume 13, Number 2 - 2018

Socio-Economic Factors Impacting on Maize Productivity in Contrasting Agro-Ecological Zones in Nigeria
Thompson, O. A.
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Strength analysis and structural optimisation of an l-shaped bracket
Aisha Muhammad and Ibrahim Haruna Shanono.  
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Determination of Hardness and Tensile Strength of Aluminium Metal Matrix (AMM) Composite using Periwinkle and Palm Kernel Shells Particles as Reinforcements
Ebhojiaye, R. S., E. Ikpoza, B. I. Ogbe and J. Okoekhian  
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Product Yield Distribution and Characterization of Bio-Oil from West African Cordia Sawdust Pyrolysis
Joseph A. Oyebanji, Pious O. Okekunle and Olumuyiwa A. Lasode  
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Turbomachinery design modification and analysis of the axial turbine of an aeroderivative gas turbine
Effiom, S. O., Abam, F. I. and B. N. Nwankwojike
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Combined cycle performance analysis of simple and modified aeroderivative gas turbines
Effiom, Samuel O., Fidelis I. Abram, and Bethrand N. Nwankwojike
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Transalkylation of xylene and benzene over ZnO/SiO2 catalyst
Sharafadeen Gbadamasi, Abdulazeez R. Isa, Fasanya Opeoluwa O., Abubakar I. Yusuf, Aishat Osigbesan, Abdulazeez Y. Atta, and Baba Y. Jibril.
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Design and simulation of continuous melon fruit depodding machine
Orhorhoro, E. K., J. O. Oyejide and S. Salisu
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Wear and hardness behavior of antimony-modified al-si-mg alloy under multiple thermal ageing condition

Abdulwahab, M., O. B. Umaru, A. I. Gebi and A. I. Adam
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Rice second florigen is crucial for expansion of its’ cultivation areas: A Bioinformatics
Sulaiman Mohammed, Abubakar Z. A, Ahmed Ibrahim Galadima, Abdurrahman Abubakar and Abdullahi Sadiq
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Assessment of Manganese biosorption efficacy of Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from waste dumpsite
Abioye O. P., Abdulkareem B. Y., Aransiola S. A. and J. D. Bala.  
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Oligochaetes of Two Tropical Rainforest Lakes in Benin City, Nigeria
Odigie Osarogie Joyce and Osimen Ekikhalo Catherine
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Numerical solution of stochastic differential equations, using explicit EULER-MARUYAMA method
Ganiyu A. A., Famuagun K. S. and O. V. Akinremi.  
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Road traffic induced pollution of roadside soil: A case study of Sango-Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
Solomon O. Giwa, Bashir O. Odufuwa, Kayode O. Adama and Abolade O. Sosanya  
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Vehicle route optimization for student transportation in a GIS and programming environment: Case study of mawo secondary school, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria
Odumosu, J. O., O. O. Morenikeji and E. A. Adesina
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Nexus between government policies and performance of small scale bread bakeries in Nigeria
Akinlade, Roseline. J
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Volume 13, Number 1 - 2018

Three phase flow in upstream pipes: experiment and review.
Laura Edwards, Dillon Jebourdsingh, Darryan Dhanpat and Dhurjati Prasad Chakrabarti
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Impact of bank finance on the survival of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria.
Ajiboye, B. O., Adeyonu A. G., Faseyi, S.A., Isitor S.U. and J. O. Dada
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Comparative study of the antioxidant potentials of grape seed and peel extracts.
Eyitayo A. Afolabi, Olaitan Adigun and Abraham Dirisu.  
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Fatty Acid Composition of Mahogany Seed Oil and its Suitability for Biodiesel Production
Haruna Ibrahim, Fasanya Opeoluwa O., Aminu Hayatudeen and Evidence O. Osa-Benedict.  
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Adsorption of Lead (II) Ion from Aqueous Solutions using Banana (Musa Acuminata) Peel
Babatope A. Olufemi and Kayode T. Ogboneyenetan
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Comparative kinetic studies of delignification of sugarcane bagasse using Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Hydroxide.
Baba Aliyu, Aberuagba Funsho, Onifade Rasheed and Ishaq Mohammed.  
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Off-wing fleet maintenance study of a CFM56-3B turbofan engine: the propulsive engine of Boeing 737-300 civil aircraft.
Samuel O. Effiom., Fidelis I. Abam, Chukwuma H. Kadurumba, David Ebongue and Vincent C. Mmadubugwu.  
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Effect of quenching baths on microstructure and hardness of AISI1035 steel.
Muhammad Arslan Hafeez and Ameeq Farooq.  
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Secondary metabolites and In-vitro Antioxidant Properties of Methanol Extracts of Fruits of Annona senegalensis, Curcubita pepo L, Cucumi melo inodorous and Sarcocephalus latifolius.
Hamzah, R.U, Jigam A. A., Makun, H.A., Egwim, E. C., Kabiru, A.Y. and F. M. Madaki  
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Phytochemical and antibacterial study of stem extracts of Euphorbia heterophylla on some enteric bacteria
Oyedum, U. M., Kuta, F. A. and N. U. Adabara  
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Growth and distribution patterns of bacterial pathogens recovered from ready-to-eat (rte) fruit  salad from food vendors in Lagos, Nigeria.
Odetunde, S. K , Ogunyemi, A. K, Buraimoh, O. M, Ezeamaramu, F. U., Akintunde, G. B. , Olumuyiwa, E.O., Avungbeto, M.O., Tobun O.A., Michael B.O. and E. Oniovosa  
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Effects of Environmental Conditions and Nutritional Factors on Biosurfactant Production by Bacteria from Diesel Contaminated Soil.
Samuel-Osamoka, F. C., Kolawole, O. M. and D. O. Adetitun  
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Effect of temperature on the application of dye extracted from carrot on some selected fabrics
Musa M. Bukhari, Abduldayan Fatima and Umar Shehu  

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Volume 12, Number 2 - 2017

Contamination of agricultural soils by selected heavy metals from municipal solid waste dumpsites-A case study of Oleh Town in Nigeria‘s Niger Delta.
Oghenejoboh K. M, Igbagara P. W. and U. M. Oghenejoboh
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Behaviour of millscale reinforced Aluminium Bronze composite.
Olatunde I. Sekunowo, Stephen I. Durowaye and Samson O. Adeosun
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Investigation of the mechanical properties of aluminium matrix composite for marine structures.
Kuburi, I. S., Dauda, M., Yaro, S.. A. and M. Abdulwahab.
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Curie depth and geothermal gradient from spectral analysis of aeromagnetic data over upper Anambra and Lower Benue Basin, Nigeria.
Adetona A. A., Salako, K. A. and A. A. Rafiu.
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Effects of Operating Conditions on Gas Release Thermal Consequences: a case study of the Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline.
Abubakar, U., Hamisu, A. A. Bilal, S. and B. Dan-asabe.  
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Annular Flow of an Incompressible MHD Third Grade Fluid in a Rotating Concentric Cylinders with Isothermal Walls and Joule Heating.
Obi, B. I., Okedayo, G.T., Jiya, M. and Y. M. Aiyesimi
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Improved Testing of Distributed Lag Model in Presence of Heteroscedasticity of Unknown Form
Abdul Majid, Muhammad Aslam and Saima Altaf.
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Mosquito-larvicidal efficacy of the extract of Musca domestica Maggots against Culex pipiens (DIPTERA: CULIDAE), an important vector of filariasis.
Adeniyi, K. A., Olayemi, I. K., Shittu, K. O., Ukubuiwe, A. C., Salihu, I. M. and Y. Garba.
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Growth Enhancement of Desulfovibrio indonesiensis NCIMB 13468 and D. vulgaris NCIMB 8303 by Aqueous Extracts of Basella alba.
Oyewole, O. A., Abalaka, M. E., Oyeleke, S. B. and S. S. D. Mohammed
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Pollen parameters estimates of genetic variability among newly selected Nigerian Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Genotypes
Daudu O.A.Y., Falusi, O.A., Gana, S.A., Abubakar, A., Muhammad, L. M, Abejide, D. R. and B. Z. Salihu
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Prioritisation of risk factors impacting on construction contractors’ Cash out Forecasts in Nigeria.
Abdulrazaq, M., Ibrahim, Y. M. and A. D. Ibrahim
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Sequestration of Congo red Dye from Aqueous Solution using Unmodified Almond Shell as a Local Adsorbent.
Aisien, F.A., Amenaghawon, N.A. and C. D. Okwuidegbe.  
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Volume 12, Special Technical Issue - 2017

Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capacitation through Patent and Technology Transfer.
Sunny Iyuke
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Knowledge Management and its Essence in Academic Publishing Environment.
Nicholas Aitalegbe.
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Essential People Management Skills Necessary in Today‘s Workplace.
Paul Clark.
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Manuscript Style and Packaging.
Ahmed Doko Ibrahim.
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The significance of Anti-Plagiarism in Modern day Authorship.
Adenike Osofisan
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Problems of academic manuscript publishing in developing countries.
Kenneth U. Nnadi
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Using Referencing Software: Mendeley
Morenikeji, O. O.
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Volume 12, Number 1 - 2017

Studies on four cultivars of groundnut (Arachis hypogeae) grown in Mubi, Adamawa State Nigeria
Mshelmbula, B.P., Jummai, B.F., Mallum, S M., and R Zacharia
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Development of cumulative distribution function for dry bulb temperature and evaluation of outside design condition for eighteen locations in NIGERIA
Olorunmaiye, J. A., and O. O. Awolola.
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Stress distributions in finite element analysis of concrete gravity Dam
Osuji, S. O. and S. A. Adegbemileke
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Evaluation of the impact of Kaduna refinery effluent on river Romi.
Adeniyi, O. D. , A.A. Adediran, M. I. Adeniyi, M. D. Yahya, E.A. Afolabi, I. T. Adebayo, A.A. Ojo, V. Efeovbokhan, A. A. Ayoola, and M. E. Ojewumi
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Corrosion inhibition and adsorption characteristics of camel foot leaves extracts on mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution.
Kobe, H. I., Abdulrahman, A. S., M. Ismail and I. A. Mohammed.
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Process modelling and optimization of osmotic dehydration assisted drying of red bell peppper.
Michael Mayokun Odewole and Adesoji Matthew Olaniyan
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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of hot air flow pattern in cabinet drying ofosmo-pretreated green bell pepper
Michael Mayokun Odewole, Musliu Olushola Sunmonu, Samuel Kehinde Oyeniyi and Oluwatosin Adedamola Adesoye.
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Effects of soil physical properties on erodibility and infiltration parameters of selected areas in Gidan Kwano.
Musa, J. J., Anijofor, S. C. Obasa, P. and J. J. Avwevuruvwe.
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CO-immobilization of cellulase extracted from SCHIZOPHYLUM COMMENFR and SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIEAE in the bioconversion of sugar cane bagasse to ethanol.
Egwim E. C., R. Garba, A. M. Ogunmolasuyi and Tope Caleb.
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Stochastic models for some meteorological outcomes in Niger Delta region of Nigeria
Olusola Samuel Makinde.
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Descriptive analysis for physico-chemical parameters of leachate and groundwater resistivity in the sedimentary basin, Southern Nigeria: A Case study
Ofomola, M. O., Iserhien-Emekeme, R. E. Adeoye, T. O; Adelusi, A. O. and B. D. Ako
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Groundwater hydrochemical assessment of the crystalline aquifer of Suleja, North Central Nigeria.
Abubakar Ahmed Sadauki, Shuaibu Ahmed Mahi, Rasheed Ojutiku, and Abdulhakeem Salau Bello
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Forest dynamism of a green space: a perspective from T.A. AFOLAYAN wildlife park, Akure, Ondo State, NIGERIA.
Olaniyi, O. E, Esan, D. B. and S. O. Akande.
Download Abstract.

A comparative study of compressed earth bricks (ceb‘s) and sandcrete blocks for building construction. Kareem W. B., Okwori R. O., Kagara A. B., Igwe C. O and S. T. Ayandokun. Download Abstract.

Microbiology and quality assessment of ‘burukutu’ a Nigerian fermented alcoholic beverage
Bala J. D., Kuta, F. A., Abioye O. P., Adabara, N. U., Adelere I. A., Abdulsalam R., Adel A.S. Al-Gheethi., Kaizar H., and C. Onovughakpor

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Volume 11, Number 2 - 2016

Effects of different fertilizer inputs on the growth and yield of soybean planted on an Alfisol in Minna, Southern, Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria
Uzoma, A.O., Nkor, S.M., Adekanmbi, A.A. Afolabi, S.G. Odofin, A. J. and A. Bala. Download Abstract. DOI:

Effect of extraction temperature on the yield and physicochemical properties of cashew nut oil
Orhevba, B.A, Adejumo, B.A and V. O. Ubochi. Download Abstract. DOI:

Treatment of landfill leachate using solar uv facilitated photocatalytic degradation
Aisien, F.A., Amenaghawon, N.A. and O. Ikponmwen. Download Abstract. DOI:

Application of factorial analysis for quicklime production from limestone
Akande, H. F, Abdulkareem, A. S. , Kovo, A. S1., Azeez, O. S. and K. R. Onifade. Download Abstract. DOI:

Physico-thermal characteristics and health risk evaluation of randomly selected brake pads in the Nigerian market.
Osunbor, O. O., R. S. Fono-Tamo, P. O. Atanda and O. A. Koya. Download Abstract. DOI:

Phytochemical Composition, Total Phenolic Content and Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power Determination of the Antioxidant Activity of Leaf, Stem and Root bark Extracts of Strophanthus sarmentosus DC
Karima Tani Muhammad, and Abdullahi Mann. Download Abstract. DOI:

Zinc Oxide based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell using Eosin – Y as Photosensitizer
Aderemi Babatunde Alabi, Olayinka A. Babalola, Halimat I. Adegoke and Adenike O. Boyo. Download Abstract. DOI:

Geology and environmental impact of artisanal gold mining around kataeregi area, North-Central Nigeria
Omanayin, Y. A. and M. I. Ogunbajo. Download Abstract. DOI:

Hydrokinetic energy resource estimates of River ERO at Lafiagi, Kwara State, North-Central Nigeria.
Ladokun, L. L. Ajao, K. R., Sule, B. F. and A. G. Adeogun. Download Abstract. DOI:
Water and Sanitation in Nigeria: A case Study of Ondo State
Adewumi, J. R. Download Abstract. DOI:

Effects of magnetic treatment of water on the growth, yield and quality of maize

Yusuf, K. O and I. O Olorunkunle. Download Abstract. DOI:


Volume 11, Number 1 - 2016

Performance of Two Locally Adapted Okra Varieties as Influenced by Cucumber Mosaic Virus Disease
Salaudeen, M. T., Bello, L. Y. and R. O. Oyewale. Download Abstract DOI:

Farmers Accessibility to the Cassava Initiative Elements in the Central Agricultural Zone of Nigeria
Kehinde Yewande Ogunleye. Download Abstract DOI:

Phosphorus adsorption pattern in selected cocoa growing soils in Southwestern Nigeria
Aikpokpodion P. E, S. M. Omotoso and F. E. Asowata. Download Abstract DOI:

Modeling and Simulation of Energy Recovery from a Photovoltaic Solar cell
Adeniyi, O. D., D. A. Ali , M. A. Olutoye, M. I. Adeniyi O. S. Azeez , A. J. Otaru and B. O. Eniafe. Download Abstract DOI:

Application of Box-Behnken Design for Optimum Citric Acid Production from Cocoyam Starch Hydrolysate using Aspergillus niger.
Amenaghawon, N.A., Ebewele, E.O. and O. Salokun. Download Abstract DOI:

Simultaneous Transesterification of Baobab Seed (Adansonia digitata) Oil Using Heterogeneous Zn/SiO2 Supported Catalyst.
Olutoye, M.A., Adejumoh, A.Y., Sunday, D.J., Oputeh, J. I., Elendu, I.K, Folorunsho, A.I, and S. Y. Adams. Download Abstract DOI:

Physicochemical, bacteriological and metal analysis of some surface waters in Akure, Southwestern Nigeria.
Olusola-Makinde and Olubukola Olayemi. Download Abstract DOI:

Probabilistic Analysis of Peak Daily Rainfall for Prediction purposes in Selected Areas of Northern Nigeria.
Salami, A. W., A.S. Aremu, A.M. Ayanshola, T.S. Abdulkadir and M.K. Garba. Download Abstract DOI:

Impact of organisational characteristics on health and safety practices of construction contractors
Abdullateef A. Shittu, Ahmed D. Ibrahim, Yahaya M. Ibrahim, Kulomri J. Adogbo
and Dumo O. Mac-Barango. Download Abstract DOI:

Changes in Serum Electrolyte Levels in Typhoid Fever Patients Attending Minna General Hospital
Kabiru, A.Y., Tahir, I., Garba, M.H. , Kuta, F. A . Jibril, A. and M. A, Shuaib. Download Abstract DOI:




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